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Six-Gun Caballero

Michael Patrick Obañon is suddenly ousted from his spread by a band of criminals who falsely claim his ranch. Our caballero’s got to think fast to outwit imposters when it’s clear that it will take far more than mere guns to win the day.

The Toughest Ranger

Includes: Silent Pards & The Ranch That No One Would Buy

Being kicked around all his life drives Petey McGuire to join the Arizona Rangers—boasting his toughness. When the chief ranger calls his bluff, Petey’s saddled with the daunting task of going after the most dangerous desperado in Arizona.

Death Waits at Sundown

Includes: Ride 'Em, Cowboy & Boss of the Lazy B

Lynn Taylor is a hard-riding, two-fi sted Texan who isn’t interested in depriving the town of Pioneer of its necktie party—he just wants to save his wrongly accused brother and substitute another victim.

The Baron of Coyote River

Includes: Reign of the Gila Monster

Lance Gordon has killed his father’s slayers only to have a price put on his head, forcing him to join forces with a mystery man of the range. Even together, the pair stand little chance of bringing a gang of ruthless rustlers to account.

The Magic Quirt

Includes: Vengeance Is Mine! & Stacked Bullets

Old Laramie is a cook for the Lazy G Ranch and holder of a silver quirt recently given to him after he saves an Aztec family from bandits.  The quirt’s magical properties allow Laramie to begin performing extraordinary deeds of courage—or does it?

Under the Diehard Brand

Includes: The Ghost Town Gun-Ghost & Hoss Tamer

Lee Thompson must step in to help his father regain control over gunslinging town troublemakers. But Lee finds that he may be forced to ignore the rules, leaving his father’s reputation as sheriff hanging in the balance.

Devil's Manhunt

International Book Awards Winner and
AudioFile Best Voices Audiobook of the Year

Includes: Johnny, The Town Tamer & Stranger in Town

Striking gold, Tim Beckdolt is a man on the brink of a new life—until a killer forces him at gunpoint to mine it—jumping his claim. Tim manages to escape, but soon finds himself being pursued in a bloodthirsty manhunt.

Cattle King for a Day

Includes: Come and Get It

Chinook Shannon seeks the real identity of the man who killed his grandfather and is now after his ranch—with forgery, sabotage and murder riding by his side.

Branded Outlaw

Lee Weston is blamed for rustling cattle, which he’s almost lynched for. But nothing will stop him from fi nding his father’s killer . . . until he’s framed for shooting the father of the only girl he’s ever looked at more than once and now the whole town is after him!

Shadows from Boot Hill

Includes: The Gunner from Gehenna & Gunman!

Outlaw Brazos races to take a “hit job” from Whisper Monahan. But things soon take a supernatural spin when Brazos acquires a second shadow after killing a witch doctor, who with his last breath, swears a deadly curse upon his soul.

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