McLintock Weather VaneFifty years ago a landmark western comedy movie, “McLintock” starring John Wayne, was released. Opening scenes and the closing scene featured what has since become the most famous weather vane in history.  John Wayne’s character, G. W. McLintock would come home drunk every night and throw his hat onto the weather vane which was located on the dormer end of the three story house.

Since McLintock finished filming, the original weather vane has been missing from the house. The Executive Director of the Arizona State Parks , Bryan Martyn, wanted an authentic reproduction weather vane back on the house in the same spot as the original. He contacted Dakota Livesay, of Dog Jake Western Store, for the replacement.  Dakota arranged a donation to the State of a new weather vane to be installed. There was a short ceremony in putting the new weather vane back in the original spot.

Since the weather vane was installed in the original location, two others have been donated for charitable uses. One fund raising auction was for the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa.  This was to be the last public appearance of Maureen O’Hara.  The Auctioneer was Aissa Wayne and we are very pleased to announce that the auction sale brought $1500.

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